Radical Unions and You

Umsjón: Jamie McQuilkin

Lýsing: In the Western world, most unions are dying. Bureaucratic, conservative and disconnected from the lives of working people, they often no longer work properly in the best interests of their membership. They certainly do not work towards a vision of a fairer and more sustainable world. However, there are different ways of organising – more democratic and more radical – that have been proven effective for over 100 years. This session will contain a brief talk on radical unions, focusing on the Industrial Workers of the World and syndicalism, followed by a practical organising workshop emphasising things you can start doing on your next working day.

REGISTRATION NOT NEEDED! We appreciate Facebook RSVPs but otherwise there is no registration required.

Tími: Saturday August 17 · 20:00–21:45

[The whole program]

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