Radicalizing food and farming in Iceland

Umsjón: Nick Robinson

Lýsing: This seminar is an invitation to discuss possibilities for a radical shift in food policy and food production in Iceland, aiming towards an anti-capitalist and cooperatively organized society. The presenter will discuss examples of organic, localized, and decentralized food production models from the United States. Discussion topics might include the current organic movement in Iceland, land use policy, farmer/people-focused energy policy, anti-corporate agriculture politics, worker-owned cooperative organic farming practices, the importance of food crop biodiversity, nutrition as a part of a revolutionary politics, the political economy of food and farming, and how the unique charecteristics of Iceland could contribute to a progressive, cooperative, and sustainable food system.

REGISTRATION NOT NEEDED! We appreciate Facebook RSVPs but otherwise there is no registration required.

Tími: Wednesday August 14 · 18:00–19:45

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5 Responses to Radicalizing food and farming in Iceland

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  2. rakel says:

    Can I sign up for this course, Radicalizing food and farming in Iceland ?

  3. admin says:

    No need to sign up, just show up! And bring your friends!!!

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