Nei hæ! Jamie McQuilkin

Einn af fjórum umsjónarmanneskjum sem heimsækja RóSu’13 erlendis frá er Skotinn Jamie McQuilkin. Hann býður til feiknarlega áhugaverðrar aðgerðastofu um verkalýðsmál á ensku, undir heitinu Radical Unions and You. Jamie settist um borð í spurningalestina og sagði m.a. frá því hvernig tjaldferðalög geta hjálpað okkur að skilja kapítalisma og andkapítalisma.

Name, age, location?

“Jamie McQuilkin, 24, rural Wales.”

An activist or thinker from the past which gives you inspiration?

“The Scottish trade unionist Jimmy Reid – his speech to Glasgow University on alienation should be mandatory reading.”

Is there anything from recent news or popular discourse that has made you think especially strongly about the need for radical social change?

“It seems like there’s something almost every day. The passing 400ppm of CO2, the largely quiet reaction to the NSA leaks and the EU’s ‘reform’ of the Common Agricultural Policy spring to mind as recent examples.”

Question from your fellow instructor, Nanna Hlín: “What about people who found their truth (or some kind of truth) 10, 20 or 30 years ago, and are not ready for radically new forms of cooperation? How can I (maybe) get them to reconsider their truth without preaching a new truth to them?”

“Good question! I’ve often thought about this when talking to strangers on long journeys. I’ve found that, even if it’s not immediately obvious, there are ways of talking about politics to most of the people I meet. I’ve also discovered that things I think of as ‘new truths’ are often really old truths, and that I often share an unexpected amount of common ground and experience with the people I’m talking to – we’re all much more similar than we sometimes think!

In many cases I’ve tried talking to people about relevant things that they find familiar. For example, I’ve found a metaphor of a ‘capitalist camping trip’ to be pretty useful (and funny) way of talking about co-operation and our relationships with other people – nobody I’ve ever met is a capitalist when they go camping!”

What question would you like to pose to your fellow instructor at the 2013 Radical Summer University, Nick Robinson?

“In the UK, I’m friends with several small-scale organic farmers and with people from farming co-operatives, and they are all finding life extremely difficult, partially because of recent terrible harvests and partially because of unrealistically expectations from customers in terms of price, regularity and uniformity, that being a result of industrial food production. How is it possible to create stronger demand for sustainable agriculture without overthrowing the current system?”

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