The Radical Summer University (Róttæki sumarháskólinn) is a series of open lectures that were held in Reykjavík, Iceland, on August 13-18, 2011. The stated purpose was to bring critical thought and political activism together, circling around themes such as economic justice, feminism, minority rights, and democracy.

There was no registration fee and the lectures were open to everyone, regardless of prior education or activist involvement. Reading materials were distributed electronically, free of charge. All participants contributed their work on a volunteer basis. The timing of the lectures, on a weekend and in the evenings, was designed to allow people with day jobs to attend more easily.

The lectures took place in the assembly hall of the Reykjavik Academy, a community of independent scholars in Iceland. The Academy donated the use of its facilities free of charge, and its staff also gave very valuable support. 12 different lectures were eventually held, with attendance ranging from 30 to 80 people. Discussions were lively and participant feedback indicated much satisfaction with the project.

The organizer of the Radical Summer University in 2011 was Vidar Thorsteinsson. A list of the lecturers can be found here (in Icelandic), and a list of the courses offered here (in Icelandic). Our Facebook-page is here (again, in Icelandic). We can be contacted via email on sumarhaskolinn@gmail.com. The Radical Summer University is scheduled to take place again in 2012.

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