The Right to Work: Immigrants and Refugees on the Icelandic Labour Market

 [Fer fram á ensku / Conducted in English]

Umsjón: Fatima Hussaini

Lýsing: Given that Iceland has one of the lowest number of refugees and immigrants in the world, the conditions that they meet in the Icelandic labour market are surprisingly discriminatory. This course, which will be conducted in English, introduces the participants to Icelandic labour law and briefly compares it with the international labour conventions which Iceland has ratified. During this discussion we will focus on the issues facing refugees and immigrants in Iceland. One of the most common demands that individuals belonging to these groups make is the right to work. This demand is of great importance, as immigrant families typically depend on wage income for basic survival. The lack of occupation and income poses serious challenges to the motivation, mental well-being, self-image and dignity of most people. The course will be split between a lecture and discussions with refugees and immigrants who have personal experiences of the Icelandic labour market. There will also be time for discussion open to all participants.

Tími: Laugardagur 16. ágúst 17:30-19:15

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