Fighting Where We Stand! A Guide for Organizing Your Workplace

[Fer fram á ensku / Conducted in English]

Umsjón: Pontus Järvstad

Lýsing: This training will give you a basic overview of ways to organizing your workplace. It will talk about how you and your co-workers can come together to fight for better working conditions and gain influence over your daily lives. We will talk about strategy and tactics in doing so, the different steps to take in preparation for an action, and how we deal with the reaction of the boss. By coming together as workers, we can build solidarity and gain power to fight for issues that concern each and every one of us, be it environmentalism, feminism or anti-racism. The training will be split between a lecture and a role-playing scenario, where participants get a chance to implement some of the ideas discussed.

The organizer of this training is Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The IWW is an anti-capitalist and international union that has been going strong for over a hundred years. The union is entirely run by its rank-and-file members, and its method is direct action. Decisions are not made by a bureaucracy behind the scenes but directly by the members themselves.

Tími: Þriðjudagur 19. ágúst 17:30-19:15

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