Living in Trees: On the Theory and Practice of Radical Environmentalism

[Fer fram á ensku / Conducted in English]

Umsjón: Tófa

Lýsing: This presentation is built around the presenter’s personal experiences of the radical and anti-authoritarian environmental scene in Western Europe. The presentation will roughly sketch up the political outlines and ideology of this scene in its publicly visible manifestations. This is not an official international movement, but rather an interconnected network of struggles that are in solidarity with one other. The ZAD or Notre Dame des Landes land occupation in France ( will be discussed as an example with pictures and footage. For 40 years local inhabitants have resisted the constructions of an airport and in the last years have been joined by many different individuals and groups.

A moment will be taken to reflect on the positive and the negative aspect of making the battleground one’s home, and a few different tactics will be presented. Some of the problems and internal conflicts that can arise within communities of resistance will be discussed, and what can be done to solve them. Finally, a connection will be made to the status of environmental struggle in Iceland today and how it could benefit from a more radical ideology in order to have a sustainable existence and become more effective.

Tími: Laugardagur 16. ágúst 13:00-14:45

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