The 4-Hour Workday: An Introduction to the Best Idea Ever

[Fer fram á ensku / Conducted in English]

Umsjón: Thomas Brorsen Smidt

Lýsing: The 4-hour work day has long been a part of labour ideology, from John Maynard Keynes to Bertrand Russell through Paul Lafarge to the Industrial Workers of the World. It remains, however, a utopian dream even in the minds of those who desire it the most. As beautiful as this idea is, it seems impossible… right? If we only work four hours per day, but keep the same income, won’t the economy collapse under inflation? Will the wheels of society not stop spinning if we cut working hours by half? Won’t there be a shortage of goods? Won’t our economy stop growing? These are the unstated questions on the minds of those who either completely reject or doubt this idea.

In this short introductory talk on the 4-hour work day, I will show that this idea is not only possible, but the only sensible thing to do if we have any aspirations about living a happy and content life, saving the planet, stabilising a dying economy, and not lose our minds in the process. Far from being a utopian ideal, I will argue that the 4-hour work day has the potential to eradicate unemployment, student debts, and institutionalised child-raising. It will also stabilise the rate of profit, increase aggregate demand, and save public resources, and most importantly, it will boost our health, well-being and create opportunities for more gender equality in society. Following the talk, time will be given for discussion.

Tími: Sunnudagur 17. ágúst 13:00-14:45

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